Saturday, August 22, 2009

OK. I give up. I thought the concept of Freecycle was to help out the environment while helping people out at the same time. I tried to get involved but it has been a major pain in the @$$. First you have to register with Freecycle on their website. You then pick a group near you. Then, if you are like me and didn't have a Yahoo ID, you have to get one. Once you get an ID, you ask for admission into the group that you selected (which happens to be a Yahoo group). They send you an email asking for all of your personal info. including a street address and a zip code. If your zip is on the authorized list, I guess you then get membership.

I am not a big fan of giving out all of my personal info. to a Yahoo group. I really thought that getting involved in Freecycling sounded like a good idea at first. I thought I could share some of my old stuff with people that needed it, and vice versa. I'm not gonna do this after all. It's too much of a headache. I understand that there are a lot of sites that require you to register and give personal info. I'm fine with that. I just don't see the fun in going through all of that just to give some stuff away. I want it to be gone. It seems much easier IMO to just Craigslist it and put a curb alert on it. That way it would be a little more fair too. I've read that the moderators decide who gets the stuff anyway. I like the first come, first serve concept. Why does it need to be so difficult? Too many rules in my opinion. If anyone can shed some light on this, please feel free to comment respectfully.

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